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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Aunty T says,

Please pray for Lisa T that her heart belongs to Our God, who heals and restore her whole Heart and Body in Jesus Name.

Annie says,

Urgent. Please pray Albertin needs a connecting flight from Madagascar to Sydney/Brisbane early next affordable be home before his wife gives birth. Thank you

Baptiste LAFFERR says,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: - I want a prayer to find a job in the media library in Brittany, fill my territorial jurisdiction, restore my marriage and be surrounded by people who love and

Adeline says,

Pray for Adeline as she travels from ChCh to Singapore next week for medical treatment. Please pray for safety, well being and smooth journey. Also pray for a successful treatment and time. Thanks

Annie says,

Please pray for relieve from radiation treatment & healing of cancer for Maschelle, thanks for praying for her.

Baptiste LAFFERR says,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be surrounded by loving

Baptiste LAFFERR says,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be surrounded by loving

Melanie says,

Husband in ICU for the last 7 days from surgery complications pray for stable blood pressure, stable heart rate & fluid in lungs to return to normal. On ventilator. Pray for healing

Marinda says,

Please pray for change and spiritual growth in my husband that we may take a new journey in faith and obedience of God our Father and Jesus our Saviour to guide us

Anonymous says,

Please pray for me against self sabotage and against selfishness . Thank you

a. says,

please pray for poor homeless cat in hard situation to get a home very soon. Thanks

Elizabeth says,

I need prayer for our son who is diagnosed with kidney problems,that the great physician will heal and make him whole.

Melanie says,

urgent Prayer for my son, has applied for a job, but he needs to disclose his disability. Pray that the organisation will not discriminate against him, but embrace and welcome him

Anthony says,

Please rray for our marriage, we have immigration issues, and a lot going on , that has weighed heavily on us, causing marital problems. Thanks

Lynne says,

I give thanks for answered prayer. Our firm was sold & not everyone would be kept on. I still have a job there & I am very grateful to God & answered prayer. I also pray for those who left.

Patrick says,

Pls pray for those with urgent needs but also everyone in NZ will have peace, joy, blessings. Amen

nathan says,

good results of ultrasound apptiontment today

Lynne says,

I need prayer please for my job situation. Firm has been sold & we find out 22/5 if i have a job in the new company. Need guidance please, and doors to open to new opportunities. Thank you.

nathan says,

me to have a good ultrasound appointment forand on scrotum on Monday afternoon and may god heal me after ultrasound

Stacey says,

Please pray for a woman or young female who can be a support worker or a Christian buddy that I can do chastain things together. This women has to have a full driver license and flexible.

V&D says,

Please pray for our 17-year-old daughter who has known the Lord Jesus all her life, yet now wants to walk a rocky road...


D R Congo,Past 25 years has suffered civil war,notorious for annual 400 thousand female victims/rape,accumulated 7 million casualties,please pray for children under5pneumonia,malnutrition,tuberculosis

Anonymous says,

Please pray for me unspoken. Thank you

Ron Gibson says,

Please pray for James with a incurable brain tumour which has spred to multiple locations

nathan says,

Roslyn to pass away so that grergor fill bed.Jacinda ardern knocked out as well as Donald trump and election year scandals and resignations

Renee says,

My grandson, just 2 hours old with severe breathing difficulties after a difficult birth

Pam Vernon says,

Heard on news of the little 7 YO (ADHD also) from Napier who tried to suicide 2x. Mum has cancer, also has a toddler. Were under mental health services that stopped before the lockdown. Pls pray

Dondi says,

Please pray for my brother Felino for healing from COVID-19 in the UK. He has been in the ICU on a ventilator for 4 weeks now. Please pray for his recovery and rehabilitation.

Steve says,

Would appreciate prayer for my left kidney which has been sore for over 24 hours. Trying home remedies and prayer too but extra prayer appreciated. Many thanks 🙏

Jonathan says,

Save us oh Lord and turn our country with our govt back to you. Cause the lockdown to cease and kill all the corona virus. Give Star wisdom in running the programs, in prayer and worship. Come in per!

Annie says,

Please pray that the Lord will heal Maschelle from cancer which has spread to both sides of her neck , no radiation treatment can start till after another operation. For strenght and Peace.

Katy says,

Please pray for this country during this lockdown period. Pray for the Government to show wisdom in all its decisions, pray that the people of this country grow in faith and respect for one another.

Lynne says,

I pray for Mum who is in care, that she will remain healthy throughout the lockdown, & after; for my brother in Aussi and for job security for both of us, that we will be able to pay our bills. Thx.

Lise says,

Please pray that God will come through for me in an employment dispute at my work,as im being victimised and bullied...please pray for this entire process that God might rule in my favour..regards

Peter ryborg says,

Can you please pray that my cough, sore throat and and the feeling of phlegm will go please and thank you

Barbara says,

I would be coping really well but I have a really sore back that happened just before the restrictions So I got to see the Dr a week later Got painkillers that helped an little but bad side effects

Anne says,

Hi Please pray for everyone to observe the level 4 requirements. I observed on my walk today most people were respectful and distanced appropriately sadly there were a few people who were not.

Lesley says,

trusted for deliverance having symptoms would appreciate your pray support

Thelmaa says,

Please pray for our Fijian friends Ledua & Vika who are stuck in Brazil their flight was cancelled and they needed $3000 to get a new flight and now all the borders are closed.

Samantha says,

May my sister Shannon have a divine connection sent to her or a word from God that she can recognize. Please, I ask that our Lord Jesus removes any demonic influences and obstacles from her mind.

Neil says,

Please pray for Paul that he may receive the Lord as his Saviour and that the Lord will deliver him from his addiction!!!

nathan beaven says,

simon bridges to come in as nz pm, Jacinda knocked out, Roslyn to pass away grergor to fill, bed me into tv and journalism,donald trump to get knocked out ,brother in law to find new job and farm,

Juliet says,

Please pray for my son and his family, wife and two sons. They have been given notice on the property they rent. My sons works full time and to find a house when you need to take care of our health.

Annie says,

Please pray for more people to join the Hamilton prayer team, meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month thank you

Millie McPherson says,

I lost my Husband to Pancreatic Cancer in January, our current rental has sold and I need to find a house for our 4 children & sister before end of March. Please pray for a breakthrough & home for us

Colleen says,

Dear Lord we pray you be near Trish in a special way as she battles horrendous side effects from radiation.

unaloto says,

Please pray for my healing from a surgery and also to pray that my family continued to believe and trust in our lord please

Helen Callaghan says,

Re Trina a young wife and mother who is battling Kidney cancer. She is now having secondary cancers and life is very challenging. Pray for precious time with her young family and Miracles.

Gloria Brunt says,

I am suffering depression after a bipolar episode It is taking so long to lift Can you pray for a breakthrough Also please pray for my son Luke who is also suffering depression Bless you all

Mary Bowie says,

My brother Joseph is recovering from tongue cancer . His operation in October 2019 and followed up with chemo and radium which has had awful side effects. He isn’t a Christian yet but is open to pray.