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The Wellington Food Show

The Wellington Food Show is back, 24- 26 May at Westpac Stadium.  Sarah Chapman, Event Manager chats with Lizzie by phone to let us know what we can expect to see this year.




Charity Tea - Gill Bredl

Charity Tea was started by Gill Bredl in response to hungry kids in Haiti.  Gill joined Lizzie in studio for a cuppa tea and to explain how this life changing charity not only helps kids further afield but those close to home.     





Experiencing The Father's Love - Mark Head

Fatherheart Ministries is an International Ministry with its Head Office in Taupo, New Zealand. Mark Head, International Director joins Lizzie on the show to talk about their upcoming A School - Experiencing The Father's Love, taking place in Taupo in July.





Dr Grant Mullen - Mental Health From A Christian Worldview

Dr Grant Mullen has over 25 years experience as a Mental Health Physician and is currently speaking throughout New Zealand. He joins Lizzie in studio to talk about how depression impacts Christians in unique ways and why we may be reluctant to seek out help.  To find out more about his speaking engagements in New Zealand, go to




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