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Hair Collect - Changing Communities One Haircut at a Time

Hair Collect  is a kiwi initiative where hair of 25 centimetres or longer is donated and sent to Uganda and turned into wigs.  Lizzie spoke with Jake Agnew, Managing Partner of Hair Collect to find out more.



How Active Are You?

Richard Beddie, CEO of Exercise New Zealand chats with Lizzie about our exercise habits here in New Zealand.  





Gary Hoogvliet - A Very Tall Man

Garry Hoogvliet is a man who loves Media.  Having recently had a bit of a change in direction in his career path he joins Lizzie in studio to talk about his show "A Very Tall Man" and why he's so excited about what he now gets to do.   


There's A Dog in The Garden - Journeying With Lewy Body Dementia

There's a Dog in the Garden - Journeying with Lewy Body Dementia is a personal account of a families journey with their Mother's illness.  A must read for anyone navigating dementia and/or aged care.  

To purchase a copy of the book for $20 + p&p email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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