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The Formary

The Formary is a Wellington based research and development organisation which works to redesign fibre waste saving it from going to landfill.  Founded by Bernadette Casey back in 2008, Bernadette joined Lizzie on the show to talk about their work and the growing problem of fast fashion heading to the landfill.




Dr Lauren Bethell - Anti Trafficking Expert

Dr Lauren Bethell is an international consultant on anti trafficking and a human rights award winner.  Currently on a speaking tour in New Zealand she joined Lizzie in studio for a fascinating conversation.  For speaking dates go to:






Tips For Paying Off Your Mortgage Quicker

Would you like to save yourself money over the life time of your mortgage?  Tony Ridley from Go Mortgages chats with Lizzie and provides tips on how to do just that.



Don't Get Tripped Up - Curly Ones Around Mortgages

Some scenarios around selling properties are not so straight forward.  Tony Ridley from Go Mortgages joins Lizzie in the studio and provides some advice around the types of things that could potentially trip us up.





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