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Stopping Unwanted Regrowth

Peter's noticed something surprising recently. After cutting down a number of trees on his property, he's found that the stumps keep sprouting again! Unlike some of the plants he's pruned in the past, which have died. 

Murphey's law says that whatever can happen will, so perhaps the plants have cotton on to this? The ones you want to prune back for regrowth often end up dying and the things you cut down to kill off tend to resprout. That, Debby Olsen says, is just the way things work. Or was it Murphey who said it first? Either way there are a few products which can help!

'Weed Weapon Stump Stop Gel' is more than just a tongue twister. It also stops unwanted resprouting on tree stumps, and Debby swears by it. 

Click below to listen as she chats more gardening tips with Peter.


Winter Gardening Chores List

Hoe hoe hoe! Its not quite christmas, but it works well for the garden. Debby Olsen chats with Peter about adding 'hoeing your garden' to the weekend chores list. Hoeing can help you to keep on top of weeds, as well as improving drainage in your soil. 



Tips for a Grey Garden

We've just passed the shortest day of the year, but winter is far from over. If your garden is looking a little dismal, then consider brightening it up with a splash of colour, a little fragrance or even some new paintwork. Debby Olsen chats tips for brightening up a grey garden. Click below to listen. 



Understanding Your Citrus

Is there an area in your garden that you're not quite sure what to do with? Or perhaps even a funky smell you want to get rid of? 

Debby has some tips for disguising the nasty bits of your garden. 

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